The Law of Christ:
God's Will for New Testament Believers

The Law of Christ: God's Will for New Testament Believers is a 40-day study of the New Covenant, otherwise known as the Law of Christ. The formal record of the New Covenant is preserved in Matthew's Gospel (ch. 5-7). The New Covenant can be recognized because it is based on a standard covenant form consisting of covenant elements common to ancient treaty/covenants. After recognizing God's New Covenant, believers have a choice: to act wisely and obey Chirst's Commandments or to act foolishly and disobey. Those who obey will mature and be transformed into Christlikeness, while earning rewards for doing the will of God. Those who disobey the Law of Christ will have to give an account for living a lawless life.
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Table of Contents
Christ’s Nine Beatitudes
Christ’s Ten Commandments

WEEK ONE: Christ’s Ministry to Needy People
Day 1: God’s Intentions for Mankind
Day 2: God’s Provision for Man’s Reconciliation
Day 3: Needy People: the Poor in Spirit
Day 4: Needy People: those Who Mourn
Day 5: Needy People: the Meek
Day 6: Needy People: those Desiring Righteousness
Day 7: Jesus Christ, the Promised Messiah
WEEK TWO: Christ’s Purposes for Kingdom Citizens
Day 8: God’s Blessings for Kingdom Citizens
Day 9: Compassion: Reconciliation with Men
Day 10: A Pure Heart: Reconciliation with God
Day 11: Peacemaker: The Citizen’s Ministry
Day 12: Persecuted for Righteousness: The Citizen’s Testing
Day 13: Suffering for Christ’s Sake: The Citizen’s Rejoicing
Day 14: Salt and Light: Drawing Men to the Father
WEEK THREE: Christ’s Commands for Human Relationships
Day 15: New Law Instead of Old Law
Day 16: Christ’s 1st Commandment: Unity
Day 17: Christ’s 2nd Commandment: Wisdom
Day 18: Christ’s 3rd Commandment: Loyalty
Day 19: Christ’s 4th Commandment: Truth
Day 20: Christ’s 5th Commandment: Grace
Day 21: Christ’s 6th Commandment: Love
WEEK FOUR: Christ’s Commands for Divine Worship
Day 22: Elements of Worship
Day 23: Christ’s 7th Commandment: Almsgiving
Day 24: Christ’s 8th Commandment: Prayer
Day 25: Christ’s Model Prayer
Day 26: Christ’s 9th Commandment: Fasting
Day 27: Christ’s 10th Commandment: Heavenly Treasure
Day 28: Priority: God’s Kingdom and Righteousness
WEEK FIVE: Christ’s Counsel for Kingdom Citizens
Day 29: Practicing Christ’s Commandments
Day 30: Advice: Judge Yourself First
Day 31: Advice: Be Prudent with Good Efforts
Day 32: Advice: Seek Good from God
Day 33: Warning: Beware of the Way of the Many
Day 34: Warning: Beware of False Teachers
Day 35: Warning: Beware of Neglecting God’s Will
WEEK SIX: Christ’s New Covenant Law and You
Day 36: The Choice for Every Believer
Day 37: The Wise Obey Christ’s Commands
Day 38: The Foolish Disobey Christ’s Commands
Day 39: Rewards for Overcomers
Day 40: Be Perfect Like God

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