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The mission of Ready Scribe Press is to publish works which faithfully deliver the messages of truth recorded in God’s Word.

Our company name was inspired by Ezra, who was described as a “ready scribe” (Ezr 7:6). For the ancient Israelites, being a “ready scribe” meant that one was skilled in interpreting the Word of God and making it more understandable to one’s audience (Neh 8:8).

The ministry of ready scribes is still necessary today. Jesus Christ says that “every scribe who is instructed about the kingdom of heaven . . . brings forth old and new treasures [from God's Word]” (Mt 13:52).

Thus, we hope that in the works offered here, you will find God’s treasures, both old and new, and that these treasures will prepare you for your life’s journey, equip you to effectively serve Christ, and help you to enjoy eternal blessings and rewards.  

Our Authors:

* George R. Law, PhD

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