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* Day 19: Christ's 4th Commandment: Truth
* Day 30 Advice: Judge Yourself First
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  The Law of Christ                

What does the Bible mean by “the Law of Christ”?  Why should I care about the New Covenant?  I  know that Christ’s blood saved me, but what else is important about the New Covenant and its Law?   Is the New Covenant just for the Jews in the future millennial Kingdom?

George Law answers these questions in his book, The Law of Christ: God’s Will for New Testament Believers. He explains how the Gospel of Matthew preserves the formal record of the New Covenant. The New Covenant can be recognized because it was fashioned with standard covenant elements just like other ancient Near Eastern covenants. Just as Moses used the literary form of an ancient Near Eastern covenant treaty to fashion the Old Covenant recorded in Deuteronomy, Christ also used a similar ancient literary form to fashion the New Covenant recorded in the Gospel of Matthew. 

Law’s book provides an in-depth forty day study on the Law of Christ. Every believer who desires to be a disciple and to please God will want to learn the commands Christ gave in the New Covenant.  In the New Covenant, Christ hands down Ten New Commandments concerning God’s will for New Testament believers. Those who practice the Law of Christ will be molded into godliness. Those who do not practice the Law of Christ will have to account for their lawless lives.  


The Law of Christ -cover
The author explains how Christ's New Covenant and His Law detail God’s will for New Testament believers.  Believers who are obedient to the Law of Christ will become Christlike. Christ offers New Covenant blessings and rewards to those who are faithful.  (paper 6x9, 321 pages).

 ISBN: 9780982-763117
                            Price $19.95

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“This book has revolutionized my thinking.  I was weary of hearing about how to live the  Christian  life  in generic  terminology  or  cute clichés.  I  have been seeking for Christ’s  purpose  for my life  beyond  just a  40-day  program.   George  Law’s  book uncovers  the   New  Covenant  of  Christ  and  reveals  the   truth  about   Christ’s  commands for His followers.”
                                                           —Theresa, Raleigh, NC

“As Christians,  we should  know and  study the  commands that Jesus gave during His earthly ministry. This study was great.”                                —Stephanie, Winston-Salem, NC

“I  highly  recommend this  study for both  personal and  group  discipleship  opportunities.  George Law’s  coverage of  Christ’s  Ten  Commandments  is  outstanding; he ties together  New Covenant  principles with  historical  Biblical facts.  This book challenges  some of the  typical  “unknowns” of  evangelical teaching and  provides proper  interpretation  and  easy-to-understand  principles from a practical, Biblical worldview. A must read for seriously minded Christians.”  
  —Tim,  Raleigh, NC

“I want my  children to  learn these  principles.  This study of the Law of Christ was profitable for my Christian walk. . . time well spent.”                             —Todd, Winston-Salem, NC

“A  thorough  study of a  subject  that has for a  long time  needed to be  available to  Christians.    His work takes a lot of fog off of present-day weak exposition of Christ's teaching concerning the Covenant given to Israel.”                                         —Norman, Hummelstown, PA

“I love this devotional because it is focused on the truth.  The author sticks to what the Bible says  and breaks down the text so we can understand what God requires of us.  It is great how Christ’s Commandments tackle all the basics: what Christian life is to be,  how to  walk with  God  daily, and  what our  relationships  should be on a practical level.  I am excited to share it with all my friends, especially those looking for real answers to hard questions.”  —Elizabeth, Pfafftown, NC
Literary forms help authors  communicate to their  audience.  Moses used the  literary form of an ancient  Near Eastern  treaty to  fashion  the  Old Covenant  recorded in  Deuteronomy.  We can recognize the  New Covenant recorded in  Matthew 5-7  because  Jesus Christ used the  standard  elements of a covenant  to  fashion  it.   In  the  New Covenant,  Christ handed down  Ten New  Commandments providing details concerning God’s will for New Testament believers.
          After recognizing Christ’s New Covenant Law, believers have a choice:   act  wisely and obey  or act foolishly and disobey.  The one who practices Christ’s  Law  will be molded into godliness.  The one who  does not practice Christ’s Law will have to account for his lawless life.
George R. Law,    Ph.D.  in   O.T.  from   Piedmont Baptist College and Graduate School,  teaches  national  pastors  around  the  world.  
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