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Ready Scribe Press is pleased to offer The Law of Christ: God’s Will for New Testament Believers written by  George R. Law, PhD.
      “This book has revolutionized my thinking. I was weary of hearing about how to live the Christian life in generic terminology or cute clichés. . . . George Law’s book uncovers the New Covenant of Christ and reveals the truth about Christ’s commands for His followers.”
    Theresa in Raleigh
      “I love this devotional because it is focused on the truth. The author sticks to what the Bible says and breaks down the text so we can understand what God requires of us. . . . I am excited to share it with all my friends, especially those looking for real answers to hard questions.”     Elizabeth in Pfafftown
      “I highly recommend this study for both personal and group discipleship opportunities. George Law’s coverage of Christ’s Ten Commandments is outstanding; he ties together New Covenant principles with historical biblical facts. . . . A must read for seriously minded Christians.”
    Tim in Raleigh
      “As Christians we should know the commands that Jesus gave during His earthly ministry. This study was great.”     Stephanie in Winston-Salem
Read about the practical details of Christ’s New Covenant Law. While Christ’s death made salvation available to all who believe in Him, some New Covenant blessings are available only to those who obey the Law of Christ.
     This New Covenant, which God had promised to the Israelites in the prophecies of Jeremiah, can be identified because Christ fashioned it using standard elements from a literary form for ancient covenants. Some technical details concerning the New Covenant are provided in the book’s Appendix

The Law of Christ -cover
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The  Law  of  Christ  is based on Christ’s formal presentation of the New Covenant which is recorded in Matthew (chs. 5-7). The book explains how the Law of Christ is God’s new Torah and includes Christ's Ten Commandments. These commands are God's will for all New Testament believers. The Holy Spirit will empower believers to obey Christ’s Law, and their obedience will make them become Christlike. Jesus Christ, who is the Word made flesh, embodies the New Covenant Law.
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